The Launching of IMAP – the International Media Federation for Peace in Seoul, South Korea

UPF- Seoul/Korea – On February 2nd 2020 some 450 journalists from around the globe came to Seoul, in order to explore means of building a more informative and ethical media industry for the 21st century.The conference for media professionals convened around the central theme “Establishing a Global Environment of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values — the role of the Media.”

It was IMAP’s goal to address essential industry issues including the current state of the media, impact of disruptive innovation, how to reclaim and upgrade the mission of journalism,  freedom and responsibility of the press, the role of media in solving critical social and geo-political challenges and the case for a new global association. 

The media conferees concluded their discussions with the inauguration of a new organization, the International Media Association for Peace. 

The conclusion of the plenary was that the association’s focus will be to identify the major challenges and opportunities for the media in the 21st Century, developing steps for reform and improvement as an industry vital for democracy, freedom, human rights, social well-being, economic flourishing and building a world of lasting peace. 

They also signed a resolution affirming “a body of world media that conveys accurate content, addresses challenges of our time, is based on the highest principles of ethical journalism, and understands that universal values are key elements of a world of peace.” 

It’s an encouraging start.