The prize is awarded to those who have made a great contribution to peace or the protection and development of natural resources. The award money is one million US dollars, half of which is given to each of the two prize-winners.

The first Peace Prize was awarded in August 2015 to two people who became famous for their exemplary projects to conserve the sea and its inhabitants, also in connection with climate change.  Recognition was given to Anote Tong, President of the Island State of Kiribati and Modadugu V. Gupta, pioneer in alternative aqua-culture developed in India, known as ‘blue revolution’.

President Anote TONG became internationally known for tackling the problems brought by climate change induced rising sea levels on the people of his country. He is a champion in the fight against global warming and has declared a huge area of the Pacific round Kiribati as a marine nature reserve.

Dr. Modadugu Vijay GUPTA has worked his whole life on a method of aqua-culture as a solution for the food shortages faced by poor fishermen, not only in India. In 50 years as an activist, his permanent methods have brought a considerable increase in yields in many parts of Asia, Africa and the Pacific. The women who have adapted Dr. Gupta’s methods of aqua-culture, have made great efforts.

The second Peace Prize was awarded in February 2017 to the Italian cardiac surgeon Gino Strada and the Afghanistan professor Sakena Yaccobi. The award was personally presented to them by Dr. Moon at a large gala festival in Seoul, attended by 800 guests from all over the world. Both of the winners received 500,000 US dollars prize money, which they will invest in their humanitarian projects.

Dr. Gino STRADA is above all known for his humanitarian work in Africa. His project „Urgent Medical Relief“  for refugees and war victims, has been able to save the lives of about 8 million people in a period of 28 years. He was always on the spot, often at considerable risk to his own life.

Dr. Sakena YACCOBI is known internationally for her work enabling girls in Afghanistan to receive schooling, even if only at home. Her life has often been threatened by armed forces. In addition, she has engaged herself intensively with the education of 13 million Afghan citizens in the refugee camps. She is very concerned to find a fundamental solution for the refugee problem.

The search for the recipients of the Peace Prize 2019 has already begun!