As part of the ‚Peace starts with Me‘ Festival in Vienna, and immediately following our conference, WFWP Europe held a wonderful ‘Luncheon Reception‘, on 29 April 2018 at Arcotel Wimberger. Many guests from all around the world attended. The event began with a beautiful musical performance by Isabella Krapf and Karoly Berki. Welcoming remarks as well as a brief introduction to WFWP were given by the moderators Natascha Schellen and Tina Coombs. By introducing the many nationalities in the audience, the international guests felt most welcomed in Austria. We watched a short video about WFWP International with a brief overview of its activities. Then, Her Excellency, Ms Pilar Saborio de Rocafort was invited to speak. She shared about her experience as Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to Austria, and especially spoke about the importance of education for women and children. After this we could enjoy a beautiful song ‚Never enough‘ sung by Julia Handschin, which was followed by classical music performend by Adam Szentannai and Quartett. Then the buffet was opened and we could connect over delicious refreshments. As additional treat and such a lovely gesture, WFWP Russia President Olga Vakulinsky shared about a Russian sister and WFWP member who was not able to come to Vienna for the event but really wanted to contribute in some way, so she decided to gift our members and guests instead. She created chocolate coins with the WFWP logo imprinted, and on her behalf, Olga handed out a coin to each participant. We were really moved! Immediately after the Luncheon, we made our way together to the Vienna ‚Stadthalle‘ (City Hall) to attend the main festival. Reported by Elisabeth Wolf WFWP Austria