Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon was born on 10 February 1943 in the village of Sinli, in the Anju district of what is today North Korea.

Her parents were committed Christians; they took separate paths due to the political turbulence of the times and she remained their only child. When the communists came to power, the then five year old Hak Ja Han and her mother were imprisoned for eleven days. In order to escape the incipient persecution of Christians, she fled with her mother and grandmother, both adherents of charismatic movements, to South Korea where they eventually found refuge in the city of Taegu. In 1954 her mother met the newly founded Unification Church, which she then joined with her daughter.

On 16 March 1960,  Hak Ja Han, at that time training to be a nurse in a Catholic school, married the founder of the church, Sun Myung Moon. In the following 21 years, the couple had fourteen children,  seven boys and seven girls. Mrs. Moon is grandmother to over forty grandchildren, and already a great-grandmother. As well as caring for her children, she was always involved in various activities at the side of her husband, which sometimes took her into the wilderness-from the salmon fishing areas of Alaska to the Pantanal wetlands in South America.

After the family moved to the USA in 1972, she and her husband  made many public appearances at conferences and festivals, seminars and church events. Mrs. Moon became the first president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, which she and her husband established in April 1992 in Seoul. From 1992 onwards, she, following the expressed desire of her husband, undertook alone several tours, giving public speeches in about 100 countries in all continents. In 1993, she gave a speech at the UNO in New York and in the Capitol in Washington DC. On her visit to Beijing she met with the son of the ruler Deng Xiaping, to encourage a charitable project. A tour with the former US President George W. Bush and his wife Barbara attracted much attention in September 1995 in Tokyo and other cities in Japan. She officiated at several functions, was co-founder of the Family Federation World Peace and Unification as well as the Universal Peace Federation – to name but a few. She was given her doctor title by La Plata University,  Argentina.

She has been vigorously continuing her husband’s life-work since his death in 2012. Besides this, she has initiated remarkable new projects such as for example, the founding of the Sunhak Peace Prize or the Universal Peace Academy. A special desire close to her heart is the unification of the Korean peninsula, to which end she has inspired in the last few years large rallies in Seoul, conferences all over the country and the bicycle tour „Peace Road“.
But best known of all, are the splendid international marriages at which she officiates, just as she did when her husband was alive, in order to bestow the blessing of marriage to couples from all over the world.

Info: http://www.upf.org/founders/dr-hak-ja-han-moon          https://wfwp.us/about/founders-words